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What is a Digital Artist?

A Digital Artist is someone who uses digital technology as a means to create art. As a painter would use paint as their medium, I mostly use digital technology and software as my medium to create my work. This is why My logo icon is a computer mouse. Not only is it a geometric derivative of my first digital drawing from High School, it has so much more meaning to that. Check out This Blog Post on the story of my logo.

What is TS Media?

TS Media was created to be the home for my collection of work throughout my life. I don't fit into just a single category, thus "media" covers a broad spectrum of work. I'm always finding new ways to be creative or pick up new interests. An anomaly of hobbies that turn to gigs, jobs, and careers.

I have an associates degree in Digital Media and worked professionally for a screen printing company for 2 years. I specialized in making tee shirt graphics. I went on doing the same work freelancing and other various forms of design for clients nationally and across the globe.

Currently I work full time for a sign shop and do graphic work for vehicle wraps, signs, and decals. I’ve also been able to use my knowledge of web development in building and managing multiple websites from restaurants to eCommerce and my own personal website.

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